Latest Publications

(92) S.Kato, K.Ozasa, M.Maeda, Y.Tanno, S.Tamaki, M.Higuchi-Takeuchi, K.Numata, Y.Kodama, M.Sato, K.Toyooka, T.Shinomura,
Plant J., 101 (2020) 1091-1102.
"Carotenoids are essential for light perception by the eyespot apparatus to initiate the phototactic movement of Euglena gracilis"

(93) S.Muramatsu, K.Atsuji, K.Yamada, K.Ozasa, H.Suzuki, T.Takeuchi, Y.Hashimoto-Marukawa, Y.Kazama, T.Abe, K.Suzuki, O.Iwata,
PeerJ, Life & Environment, (2020) 10002.
"Isolation and characterization of a motility-defective mutant of Euglena gracilis"

(94) S.Tamaki, Y.Tanno, S.Kato, K.Ozasa, M.Wakazaki, M.Sato, K.Toyooka, T.Maoka, T.Ishikawa, M.Maeda, T.Shinomura,
Plant Sci., 298 (2020) 110564.
"Carotenoid accumulation in the eyespot apparatus required for phototaxis is independent of chloroplast development in Euglena gracilis"

All Publications

(1) K.Ozasa, M.Yuri, S.Nishino, and H.Matsunami,
J.Cryst.Growth 89(4) (1988) 485-495.
"Low-Vacuum Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy of InGaP and its Immiscible Growth"

(2) K.Ozasa, M.Yuri, S.Nishino, and H.Matsunami,
J.Cryst.Growth 93(1-4) (1988) 177-181.
"Immiscible Growth of In1-xGaxP in Low-Vacuum MOVPE"

(3) K.Ozasa, M.Yuri, S.Tanaka, and H.Matsunami,
J.Cryst.Growth 95 (1989) 171-175.
"Growth Mechanism of In1-xGaxP and In1-xAlxP in Metalorganic Molecular Beam Epitaxy"

(4) K.Ozasa, M.Yuri, S.Tanaka, and H.Matsunami,
J.Appl.Phys. 65(7) (1989) 2711-2716.
"Metalorganic Molecular-Beam Epitaxy of InGaP"

(5) K.Ozasa, M.Yuri, and H.Matsunami,
J.Cryst.Growth 102(1-2) (1990) 31-42.
"Temperature Dependence of InGaP, InAlP, and AlGaP Growth in Metalorganic Molecular-Beam Epitaxy"

(6) K.Ozasa, M.Yuri, S.Tanaka, and H.Matsunami,
J.Appl.Phys. 68(1) (1990) 107-111.
"Effect of Misfit Strain on Physical Properties of InGaP grown by Metalorganic Molecular-Beam Epitaxy"

(7) M.Yoshimoto, K.Ozasa, and H.Matsunami,
J.Appl.Phys. 70(10) (1991) 5708-5709.
"Efficient Photo-Enhancement of GaP and AlGaP Growth in Chemical Beam Epitaxy"

(8) M.Yoshimoto, K.Ozasa, T.Tsuji, A.Kajimoto, and H.Matsunami,
J.Cryst.Growth 115(1-4) (1991) 265-268.
"MOMBE Growth of P-based III-V Semiconductors and its Photo-Enhancement at Low Temperatures"

(9) D.Kitriotis, K.Ozasa, T.Meguro, S.Shimoda, K.Nishi, and Y.Aoyagi,
Appl.Phys.Lett. 60(13) (1992) 1636-1638.
"Nanosecond Laser-driven Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction System providing Digital Imaging in Real Time"

(10) J.P.Shimko, T.Meguro, S.Iwai, K.Ozasa, A.Hirata, Y.Aoyagi, and T.Sugano,
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"Direct Observation of Self-Limiting Gallium Deposition on GaAs during Laser-Atomic Layer Epitaxial Processing"

(11) J.P.Shimko, T.Meguro, S.Iwai, K.Ozasa, Y.Aoyagi, and T.Sugano,
Thin Solid Films 225(1-2) (1993) 40-46.
"Surface photoabsorption study of the laser-assisted atomic layer epitaxial-growth process of GaAs"

(12) K.Ozasa, T.Ye, and Y.Aoyagi,
Jpn.J.Appl.Phys. 32(3A) (1993) L329-L331.
"Thin Gallium Oxide Film Deposited in Vacuum for In Situ Process Use"

(13) K.Ozasa, T.Ye, and Y.Aoyagi,
Appl.Phys.Lett. 63(12) (1993) 1634-1636.
"Selective Epitaxy of GaAs on Indium Oxide Mask followed by In Situ Removal of the Mask"

(14) K.Ozasa, T.Ye, and Y.Aoyagi,
Jpn.J.Appl.Phys. 32(10) (1993) 4732-4736.
"Composition Change of Indium Oxide Film by Triethylgallium Irradiation Prepared for In Situ Selective Epitaxy Use"

(15) K.Ozasa, T.Ye, and Y.Aoyagi,
J.Vac.Sci.Technol.A 12(1) (1994) 120-124.
"Deposition of Gallium Oxide and Indium Oxide on GaAs for In Situ Process Use by Alternate Supply of TEGa, TMIn and H2O2 as Surge Pulses"

(16) K.Ozasa, T.Ye, and Y.Aoyagi,
Thin Solid Films. 246(1-2) (1994) 58-64.
"Deposition of Thin Indium Oxide Film and its Application to Selective Epitaxy for In Situ Processing"

(17) K.Ozasa and Y.Aoyagi,
Appl.Phys.Lett. 64(17) (1994) 2220-2222.
"Generation of high-peak pulse beam of hydrogen plasma for the use in short-pulsed chemical beam epitaxy"

(18) K.Ozasa, E.K.Kim, and Y.Aoyagi,
Appl.Phys.Lett. 65(13) (1994) 1635-1637.
"In situ pattern deposition of In2O3 and in situ pattern etching of GaAs"

(19) K.Ozasa and Y.Aoyagi,
Surf.Coat.Technol. 74 (1995) 345-350.
"Temporal evolution of hydrogen plasma produced with gas pulse injection scheme"

(20) E.K.Kim, S.K.Min, K.Ozasa, and Y.Aoyagi,
Semicond.Sci.Technol. 10 (1995) 91-94.
"In-situ pattern etching of GaAs by trimethylindium and H2O2 gases with electron-beam-induced resist"

(21) Y.J.Park, K.Ozasa, P.O'Keeffe, Y.Aoyagi, S.K.Min,
J.Vac.Sci.Technol.A 14(5) (1996) 2814-2819.
"Transient characteristics of nitrogen gas-pulsed electron cyclotron resonance plasma"

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J.Appl.Phys. 81(5) (1997) 2114-2118.
"Oxygen atomic flux O* enhancement by gas-pulsed electron cyclotron resonance plasma"

(23) K.Ozasa, Y.Aoyagi, Y.J.Park, and L.Samuelson,
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"Reversible transition between InGaAs dot structure and InGaAsP flat surface"

(24) K.Ozasa
Adv.Coll.Interf.Sci. 71-72 (1997) 3-29.
"Selective Epitaxy with in situ mask processing and pulse plasma"

(25) K.Ozasa and Y.Aoyagi,
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"Surface structure change between InGaAs dots and InGaAsP flat surface induced by in situ arsenic/phosphorus replacement"

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"In situ composition control of self-organized InGaAs dots"

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"Photoluminescence of InGaAs(P) dots with quasi-zero-dimensional confinement"

(29) H.Kurata, H.Kumagai, and K.Ozasa,
J. Electron Microsc. 50(3) (2001) 141-146.
"High-resolution elemental mapping of titanium oxide/aluminium oxide multilayer by spectrum-imaging"

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"Pressure effects on nanoprobe photoluminescence of quasi-zero-dimensional confinement quantum dots"

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"Nanoprobe photoluminescence of quasi-zero-dimensional InGaAsP quantum dots"

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"Selective X-ray absorption spectroscopy of self-assembled atom in InAs quantum dot"

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"Enhancement of photoluminescence of InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots induced by nanoprobe pressure effects"

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"Enhanced photoluminescence of InGaAs quantum dots induced by nanoprobe indentation"

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"Nanofabrication of cylindrical STEM specimen of InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots for 3D-STEM observation"

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"Measurement of photo-patterned surface potential of Alq3 thin films by Kelvin-force microscope together with near-field optical stimulation"

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(56) K.Ozasa, M.Aono, M.Maeda, M.Hara,
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"Simulation of Neurocomputing Based on Photophobic Reactions of Euglena - Toward Microbe-Based Neural Network Computing -"

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Int.J.Unconventional Computing, 7 (2011) 481-499.
"Implementation of microbe-based neurocomputing with Euglena cells confined in microaquariums"

(66) K.Ozasa, H.Ito, M.Maeda, M.Hara,
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"Electromagnetic Wave Sensing of Euglena gracilis Viability and Quantification"

(76) K.Ozasa, J.Lee, S.Song, M.Hara, M.Maeda,
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"Analog Feedback in Euglena-Based Neural Network Computing \Enhancing Solution-Search Capability through Reaction Threshold Diversity among Cells\"
(77) K.Ozasa, J.Lee, S.Song, M.Maeda,
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